Painting: KTP in NYC

Painting: KTP in NYC

KTP in NYC – Acrylic on 16″ x 16″ panel.


I traveled to NYC this summer to visit a friend and check out the city again. My friends, Liz and Katie have a place in Brooklyn where I was able to crash. Each day I got up with Liz and headed into the city with her. We’d part ways at Grand Central Station and meet up later in the evening. Their apartment is small but cozy…
at the time, Katie was still living in Austin, finishing out a job. They were separated for a few months, which seemed pretty difficult.
One night after I had gotten back, Katie was sitting on my couch, playing guitar. It was a pretty image, so I decided to paint her playing…but in her real apartment in NYC.


I was inspired by a painter I spotted on Tumbler named Susan Lichtman. I just really liked her forms and palette and wanted to try my hand at creating something like it, but still sticking to my own imagery. It’s a style I’d like to continue focusing on. Worrying less on the details of the image and more on shapes and the effect of light and shadows on objects. Joe mentioned Susan’s work reminds him of Fairfield Porter…who is also amazing! Check both of those artists out (and Joe!).


I am continuing to paint in all kinds of styles and trying different things. Hopefully to find a central theme within all of these seemingly random images. Although they are not random since all are based on things close and personal to me.


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