Art Opening: Ain’t No Reason to Hang My Head by Joseph Noderer

In March I traveled to Chicago with Jospeh Noderer to attend the opening of his show, “Ain’t No Reason to Hang My Head” at Linda Warren Projects. This is a new space for Linda (around the corner from where her gallery used to be located) and it’s roomy and bright and perfect for showing great art. The opening was shared with another artist, Nina Rizzo…but I’ll talk more about Nina in an upcoming post.
It’s the first art opening I have attended in Chicago and it was really exciting. The show was well attended with a constant flow of art collectors, artists, friends, students, family and who ever else was interested. Joe was pretty busy the whole night talking to a reporter or two as well as discussing his paintings to the rest of us. This was the one night he really needed to be able to talk…and he slowly lost his voice! By the end of the show, he was left making a few squeaks! He was able to hold out till the end…and we closed the show by going to a nearby pub to celebrate with the gallery owner, assistants, Nina, and a few others.
Not too bad for my first art opening I attended in Chicago!

Below are some images of the space, as well as friends and family…and Joe back home:

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