Studio Visit: Nina Rizzo

 Takk Fyrir - Nina RizzoWhile in Chicago, I was invited to visit the studio of local artist, Nina Rizzo. I felt extremely lucky to get an inside look at not only where she creates her artwork but also her processes and influences. Tacked on the wall were postcards, photographs, clippings of inspiration, friends and her significant others artwork. She had recently visited the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and had a handful of postcards, as well as books about artists or movements and as expected, original artwork (watercolors, oils and acrylics) tucked into every corner of her space. I believe she mentioned she had been in this studio for about two years and she is really maximizing the large area. Two corners and one wall were used as painting sections, the rest are used for storing materials, canvas, panels and other basics.
Nina received her MFA at The University of Texas at Austin and is currently teaching in the School of Art at Northern Illinois University.

Below are images of her large studio space as well as a few shots from her opening at Linda Warren Project in March.

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  1. hunter! says:

    per usual, prof. noderer looks like he’s about to go plow a field for the rest of the day:)

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