Gina Gwen Palacios
I reside in Austin, Texas and my entire family lives 225 miles away in Portland, Texas. I was raised next to snow-white cotton fields, conspicuous cemeteries and empty open skies. The barren horizon line spans 360 degrees. The sun is almost always present and the wind is a powerful sound in your ears. I have driven the back roads between Portland and Austin for over a decade, not really sure where my home really is. My parents picked those cotton fields, family members who lived their whole lives on that land, and never went further than 100 miles, are buried there. I paint looking to explore, understand, and share the significance of these themes that resonate so heavily within me.

My primary goal is the re-creation of this world that I am a part of. I create imagery that believably references reality and in doing so I have begun to invoke my own symbolic language. Sprawling landscapes, lonely cemeteries and dark interiors fill my canvases and panels. I am driven to create an image that is readable, believable and evocative while at the same time being open to exploring color, mark and gesture with paint.